Mufflers and Exhaust

The exhaust system affects vehicle performance as well as mpg. For some car fans it can also be a cosmetic flare. Depending on your needs, you may want to upgrade your exhaust system and Pro Auto Service Centers is here for you. The exhaust system controls air flow for your engine. If you have a poor exhaust system chances are you are getting poor gas mileage and failed vehicle emissions tests.

Its a good indication that you need repair when:

  • Vehicle will not pass smog test
  • Abnormal smoke frome tail pipe
  • Unusually loud while driving

Before you go out and have the whole system replaced at some no name muffler shop, come to Pro Auto Service Centers and find out what really needs to be fixed. We know the cosmetics of exhaust is a pretty big deal for a lot of people. Look and sound of the exhaust are important for show cars and large trucks. Sometimes these cosmetic details cause the exhaust system to run less efficiently. A larger muffler may be louder, but killing your mpg. Be careful and consult Pro Auto Service Centers first.